New Update Allows Windows Insiders To Stream Android Apps On PCs

Samsung has made quite a splash during the recent Unpacked event, which saw the official showcase of the Samsung Note 20 range. One of the major highlights of the presentation was the ability to use Microsoft’s Your Phone app to enjoy Android apps on your PC.

The Redmond giant has offered more information about the feature, which allows users to stream the screen of their mobile device on their desktops, in a manner similar to casting on smart TVs. Third-party apps have offered this option for years, but official integration might be a great boon.

Beaming content

Users who choose to make use of the feature will be able to access all installed apps, and there is also the option to pin some of them to the taskbar for speedy access. For now, only one app can be used at the same time, but Microsoft statted that Note 20 will be able to run several apps by the end of the year.

The list of compatible devices features 33 names at this point, besides the new Note 20, but all of them are models manufactured by the Korean titan. It is expected that compatibility will be extended to other smartphone brands in the future.

In development

For now, the feature is in development, hence the reason why only Windows Insiders have access to it for now, but it seems to be quite promising at this point, especially since it is more secure to use a core app of the OS.

Microsoft has warned users that some apps might block the casting process, and only a black screen will be visible in this case. Select apps and games may not work as expected, being unresponsive to keyboard or mouse, and in some cases, your phone will play the audio instead of the PC. New updates will be released soon.

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