New TimeSplitters on the way, original studio revived

Publisher Deep Silver has announced the revival of Free Radical Design, the studio behind popular early eighties time-traveling shooter, TimeSplitter. The ‘reformed’ team’s first project? A brand-new TimeSplitters title.

The new Free Radical Design is bringing back some familiar faces, most notably Steve Ellis and David Doak, two of the original studio’s founders.

Don’t get too excited — anyone excited to get their hands on a new TimeSplitters will have to wait a few years. The announcement, which was released via Deep Silver’s official Twitter account, stresses that work on the new TimeSplitters game has yet to begin: “Development on a new game has not yet started and we will update you when we have more news to share.”

Free Radical Design was formed in 1999 by former employees of Rare, the developer behind 90s shooter classics GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. Their first release was the original TimeSplitters, which garnered acclaim for its emphasis on the multiplayer experience, which they did long before console multiplayer became ubiquitous. The second game, TimeSplitters 2, was very well-received, eventually going on to become the highest-rated first-person shooter for the PlayStation 2.

After the sudden cancellation of Star Wars Battlefront III — which the team claims was basically completed — and the critical and commercial failure of Haze, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Thereafter followed more than a decade of the company being tossed around projects and restructured, with their last major project being 2016’s ill-received Homefront: The Revolution.

THQ eventually acquired the rights to TimeSplitters in 2018, then expressed their intent to develop the franchise by hiring series’ creator Steve Ellis to “help plot the future course for this franchise.”

It’s still unclear what players should expect from the upcoming TimeSplitters game. Will it be a reboot, a remake, a side-story, or a direct sequel? Whatever the case, fans will be happy to know that many of the creative minds behind the series are leading the way for the new TimeSplitter’s development.

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