New iOS Text Bug Causes iPhone And iPad Models To Freeze, Again

A recently discovered iOS text bug is causing iPhone and iPad devices to freeze. The crash is determined by a series of mislead processes from the Sindhi language, which interfere with the devices and cause them to close and collapse.

The new iOS text bug

The character’s string was reported to circulate this week on telegram and Discord servers. In addition to this, The Verge has undergone some tests on the iOS 13.4.1 iPhones, and it seems that the people having the latest version powered by Apple are likely to experience these bugs.

To prevent the crush of your device, you can reboot your Apple device to bring it back to the initial factory settings. However, if you do not want to erase all the data on your device, you can simply wait for a couple of seconds for the tool to recover.

The iOS text bug is representative of the notifications in apps. Therefore, disabling them would be the right solution. 9to5Mac has published that the upcoming iOS 13.4.5 upgrade aims to fix this issue, demonstrating that the company is aware of this glitch.

Apple will fix this iOS issue

Two years have passed by since the latest iOS text bug in Apple’s devices has hit the users. The virus that affected the IOS 11 users was even more alarming than this one. The users were not allowed anymore to access their messages and the installed apps. In addition to this, text in any Indian language was randomly sent to contacts.

The company has an impressive history of bugs that caused the crash of their devices on a global scale. Back in 2018, one sent link was responsible for freezing a smartphone, while in 2015, a tiny string of text was capable of disabling iMessage.

Moreover, not a long time ago, a video of 5 seconds broke thousands of phones. Another iOS text bug crashed the iPhone gadgets, and the company developed an upgrade aiming to solve them in a matter of a couple of hours.

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