New Flu Season Could be Underway in the US

Flu season in the US has allegedly decreased in the last couple of weeks, as per a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The week ending on January 11th was reportedly the second serial week in which the levels of influenza-like symptoms decreased. Even though it is too soon to certainly say that the flu season has passed its peak, the plunges in the last two weeks were striking.

Although the activity is decreasing, “we’re still at pretty high levels right now,”​ Lynnette Brammer, team lead of the CDC’s national influenza surveillance team, said. The virus is still widespread in almost every U.S. state, showing high levels of manifestation in 32 states.\

In spite of the overall decrease at a national level, the most recent data reported that a strain of a virus, known as influenza A, is on the rise.

New Flu Season Could be Underway in the US

As a result, Brammer commented that the United States could probably encounter the second wave of flu season. “The increase in A activity, we don’t know what effect that is going to have. Influenza activity may go up again,” she said. “This is something we’re going to watch pretty carefully.”

If the increasing virus hits hard, people need to guard themselves against it. The flu vaccine was not a good match with the majority of flu that has occurred out there as yet this season, namely influenza B.

This type of virus impacts children more than adults, and has been especially difficult on them, reports say. The CDC believed that this flu season, which started on September 29th, there has been a minimum of 13 million cases of flu in the United States.

Also, reports claim there were about 120,000 hospitalizations since September. “I absolutely believe we still have plenty of flu season to come,” Brammer said.

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