New Court Filling From Apple Seeks To Block Unreal Engine On iOS

The legal duel between Epic Games and Apple is heading at a fast pace towards a hearing that will take place on September 28. While both companies have prepared their arguments, it seems that Apple has taken a surprising and more aggressive approach than Epic may have suspected.

In a previous filling, Epic Games claimed that Fortnite should be brought back on the App Store for the duration of the litigation, as the removal is causing severe damage to both the company and the Fortnite brand.

Hardcore criticism

However, Apple is against such an injection and has filled a 37-page motion, which includes several points of view. The Cupertino giant considers that it carries no blame as Epic Games willfully breached a contract that is respected by millions of developers from all over the world, and attempted to dodge a tax which covers essential features and services provided by the App Store.

According to the motion filled by Apple, Epic Games decided to start a fire and added gasoline on top. When the results desired by the company failed to appear, Epic decided to resort to a court to force Apple’s hand.

The hammers comes down

Besides the current issues related to Fortnite, Apple also wants the right to terminate Epic’s iOS developer accounts, despite the fact that they are being protected by a restraining order granted by a judge a few weeks ago.

Apple claims that it wishes to prevent the transfer of apps from one developer to another, as Epic may decide to republish Fortnite on iOS with the help of another developer that would act as a publisher. Unreal Engine is also being perceived as a threat as Epic could encourage and support other developers who wish to break the in-app payment rules.

Lastly, there are also arguments that deny the accusation that Apple monopolizes the App Store since Epic is free to publish titles on a large number of alternative platforms.

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