New Content Comes To Monolisk With The 1.030 Update

Mobile gaming surged in recent years as rapidly-evolving technology has allowed smartphone manufacturers to release high-performance devices at more affordable prices. While some mobile video game developers tend to focus on impressive graphics, others aim to craft new and interesting experiences that can keep users engaged for a long while.

Enter Monolisk, which offers an interesting blend between three video games genres: dungeon making, dungeon crawling and collectible card games, with the result being an interesting experience as players roam dungeons, earn loot and then built their dungeons for others to explore

Collecting and dungeoneering

Gameplay-wise the experience is split into two different modes. Dungeon crawling will offer the chance to explore an endless number of dungeons that were crafted by other players, with some being easy to traverse and safe from dangerous encounters. In contrast, others will throw armies of monsters on your way.

When you are satisfied with the amount of currency and adventures from dungeons, you can launch the editor and begin to craft your dungeons, setting traps, monster encounters, and the general layout according to your wishes.

Explore, Build and Collect

As you amass fortunes or receive positive ratings for your dungeons from other players, you will have the option of open card packs, which offer access to fresh content in the form of new heroes, new monsters, environments, and equipment.  There are lots of cards to collect, so there will always be something new to use.

Enemy dungeons can be cleared with a daring team of five heroes, and you can use cards to customize them to match your playstyle and tackle and challenges that come towards you. With each shard that is created and explored, the world of Monolisk continues to grow.

Update 1.030 comes with a wealth of content and changes. Sixty new cards have been added along with 20 new Starter sets. A multicast system will facilitate the use of abilities, and there are new environments, including Cemetery, Mountain, Port, Abyss, and Cathedral.

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