Neanderthals Had The Tools And Knowledge To Make Yarns

A team of archeologists has discovered a yarn fragment made from three bundles of fibers, which were twisted together with the help of a thin stone tool that has a length of 60 millimeters. The cord could have been wrapped around a tool to serve as a handle, or it may have been a part of a bag in which the tool and other useful items were kept. That finding shed more light on the Neanderthals life.

The cord fragment was discovered in Abri du Maras, and it is quite old. Carbon-dating tests have revealed that it was made at some point from 52,000 to 41,000 million years ago. Advanced scientific tools among which we can count an electronic microscope and a spectroscope suggest that the fibers were recovered from the bark of a non-blooming tree, with a conifer being one suitable choice.

Neanderthals knew how to create yarns

It is thought that the cord may have been made by Neanderthals suggesting that their cognitive skills may have been more advanced than previously thought. To manufacture the cord essential knowledge about the materials which were used is a must, along with basic mathematical skills like numeracy, since multiple bundles of fibers and cords have been observed.

Neanderthals roamed Euroasia until approximately 40,000 years ago when they went extinct. The causes which ushered their demise remain a mystery. Still, some scientists believe that the competition brought by modern humans, which possessed superior tools and skills, may have been an essential factor.

However, previous research has revealed that the Neanderthals were able to manufacture and use a selection of tools. They could process stones into some shapes, create cave hearths for fire and cover themselves with the help of primitive clothes in the vein of modern robes or ponchos. Despite an impressive amount of information on this topic, they were displayed as stupid savages in many media works. A paper has been published in a scientific journal.

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