NBA Will Bring Fans To Games With Microsoft Teams

Excited fans are the heart and soul of any competitive sports as they offer support for their favorite teams. However, the global pandemic has forced stadiums and arenas to close as social distancing has been imposed.

Many professional sports leagues are ready to start a new season and some want to bring fans to the action through novel ways. The National Basketball Association has announced that it will employ Microsoft Teams to project fans courtside during events. The fans will appear on massive video screens and are able to interact with one another.

Digital fandom

The new initiative will offer great benefits for fans who wish to support their team in a more direct manner and players who are used to have cheering crowds on their side, as they are used to playing with an active audience, and an empty court would feel strange.

According to the head of the NBA next-generation telecast, the association is quite excited to present the new experience, which has been designed and developed with the help of several broadcast and technology partners. While other sports organizations have explored the use of fully-virtual fans for the atmosphere, the solution selected by the NBA is quite interesting.

Cheering teams on Microsoft Teams

It is worth noting that the new experience will harness a featured that has been added recently to Microsoft Teams in the form of the together mode. The aim of this feature is to make meetings more immersive by allowing people to feel like they are in the same room.

When the feature is active, the classic grid of boxes will be replaced as the image will suggest that the group of people is looking together at a massive mirror. Other viewers will have the option to make their presence known with virtual cheering available via the NBA app or website, or Twitter hashtags.

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