NASA’s Artemis Program Lost The Support From Boeing

NASA has recently selected three aerospace firms to form the United States of America that will help in designing the future human landing systems. The agency is planning on sending in the outer space a man and the first woman to collect data regarding the lunar surface by the end of 2024. This mission is part of the Artemis program whose primary objective is to send the first human crew to Mars.

The three companies that are part of the Artemis mission are SpaceX, Blue Origin of Kent, and Dynetics of Huntsville. As reported by Reuters, NASA has decided to eliminate Boeing from the Artemis mission.

Boeing has left NASA’s Artemis Program

This controversial decision has amazed many people since Boeing is one of the biggest suppliers for NASA’s missions. Over the past years, Boeing has been a critical factor in the development of the International Space Station and has provided the agency with profound implications when it comes to launching the humans into the outer space during the Commercial Crew Program.

NASA has recently declared that the elimination procedure had two companies, but up until now, the company has not given any specific reason regarding their choices. The Guardian reported that the contracts for the Artemis mission include $967 million, out of which $579 million will be awarded to Blue Origin, Dynetics will have $253 million, while SpaceX receives only $135 million.

The Artemis program is of paramount importance since it is a step ahead when it comes to collecting data about the lunar surface, being an inspiration for the upcoming generation. NASA is hoping that the partners will help them improve the fine-tune precision landing technologies and create capabilities of movement for their rovers to travel impressive distances. In the end, the desired outcome is to explore the regions of the Red Planet with a human crew.

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