NASA Wants to Build a Radio Telescope on the Moon

There have been half a century since humans landed on the Moon, and space agencies are hoping to repeat the action in the near future. But until that day, we can still use our natural satellite for space missions in other ways, and one of them is to build a telescope there.

Although it may sound like pure science-fiction to a lot of people, NASA’s scientists have in mind to build a massive radio telescope on the Moon. The space agency says that the idea is building a Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT) upon the far side of our natural satellite, within a crater that can be used for amplifying the signal.

Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay, who is the lead researcher on the proposal, wrote the following: “The moon acts as a physical shield that isolates the lunar surface telescope from radio interference/noises from Earth-based sources.”

Robots will build NASA’s radio telescope on the Moon

As you might have already guessed, sending people to the Moon for creating a large structure isn’t really a profitable deal if we look at the financial part. Instead, NASA wants to appoint robots for the job. The radio telescope will be built within a crater between 3 and 5 km wide.

The telescope would be made of a wire mesh that it’s 1 km wide and has a huge radio telescope in the middle. Journalist Daniel Oberhaus pointed out that the upcoming telescope could also help a lot with the search for alien signals coming from deep space.

Finding intelligent alien life is the ultimate goal for space agencies, as humanity always had been wondering if we are alone in the Universe or not. The truth is that, oddly enough, both scenarios are equally frightening. NASA building a telescope on the Moon must become a reality in the not too far future, even though it wasn’t put into practice for the moment.

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