NASA Insturment Captures Sun’s Threads Of Glowing Plasma

A new series of images was captured with the help of NASA’s High-Resolution Coronal Imager and is showing obscure facts about the Sun. The scientists are amazed by the processes that are currently happening in the outermost layers of our solar system’s star.

The pictures are providing an incredible amount of details, and the scientists can indicate the flaws in the stars’ energy distribution in its atmosphere. The research was published in The Astrophysical Journal, aiming to cast light on a series of discoveries.

The most studied aspect of the Sun in this project is represented by the coronal loops. They are impressive pillars of plasma, which are determined with the help of Sun’s magnetic forces, these images are showing us that the coronal loops are made of a series of small “threads.” What makes the observations of the Sun almost impossible is the level of brightness that it is displaying.

The Sun’s Threads Of Glowing Plasma

The scientists are therefore using special instruments that are capable of detecting only particular wavelengths with a lighter level of intensity, allowing them to produce a clearer picture of the Sun’s atmosphere. Most of the time, the coronal loops are represented very blurrily, making it impossible for researchers to determine with accuracy their characteristics.

The small strands that are represented in the pictures are, in reality, very massive, having around 513 kilometers in diameter. There are indeed shorter strands with only 200 kilometers in width, being incredibly small for an object of the dimensions of a coronal loop. The structure of the circuits presents an essential role in the understanding of the Sun’s atmosphere.

These recently provided images have determined the scientists to think that there is no need for more comprehensive technology since they are giving everything that is needed for proper research. The Hi-C 2.1 is the one that managed to capture the Sun’s smallest plasma threads in such amount of details.

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