Mouthwash Can Reduce The Risk Of Spreading COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of social-distancing rules and tips have been shared with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus. A series of experiments performed on cell cultures have revealed that an item found in most households can be quite useful for this purpose.

According to the researchers who conducted the experiments, COVID-19 viruses can be inactivated by using select mouthwashes.  Previous research has shown that a large number of high viral loads can be found in the oral cavity and the throat.

A useful adjuvant

Mouthwash will reduce the viral load for a short time, and it would limit the ability to spread the virus during certain contexts, with dental treatments being one example.  It is worth stressing that mouthwash cannot be used as a treatment in the case of persons who are already infected.

The researchers acquired and tested eight mouthwash brands that can be found in pharmacies or drugstores. Mouthwash, virus particles, and a substance that mimics saliva were mixed and shaken to replicate gargling before being placed in a cell culture medium.

Reducing viral load

The results were quite interesting as three of the mouthwashes were able to reduce the viral load so effectivrly that no virus was found after they were exposed for half of a minute. While these initial results appear to be quite promising, it remains to be seen if they will be confirmed by clinical tests and additional studies.

Further research is already being planned as the team wants to conduct a clinical study which should evaluate how efficient are mouthwashes against SARS-COV-2 viruses. A clinical study would provide access to a wealth of additional information, including the persistence of the effect in patients.

Every effort to combat the pandemic counts, especially as the number of new cases continues to rise at a rapid pace in some countries.


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