Moovit Update Adds New Performance Improvements

Traveling to a new destination can be quite exciting as there will be lots of things to discover and explore. However, it may be a bit complicated to go from one place to another, especially if you want to use the local transit services but aren’t familiar with them.

Moovit is an excellent timing and navigation app that will put all the relevant information in the palm of your hand so you can travel around a new town and even to other cities without stress. Enjoy a well-deserved holiday!

Move around

If you can travel with it, Moovit has it listed. Ride trains, the subway, metro, dockless scooters, ride-sharing services, and more with ease. Moovit will calculate the shortest distance between where you are and the desired destination while also suggesting the best way to reach it. Detailed directions and a real-time schedule system will ensure that you can plan your trip and move around without disruptions.

More than 720 million users from all over the world have used the app to traverse 3000 cities. Find bus stops and train stations quickly, inspect transit maps and let alerts tell you when you need to get off.

Lots of features

Harness the real-time arrival updates, which are collected straight from the GPS units present in trains and buses to save time instead of waiting at the stop more than necessary. A real-time alters system will also let you know if traffic is disrupted by traffic jams, emergencies, or other facts so you can plan a new route.

Step-by-step navigation tips will offer all you need to know to get from A to B. Learn more details about the distance to the closes stations, arrival times, and more. User reports will highlight any problem that could be encountered.

Update will further enhance the user experience by boosting the performance of the app and squashing some bugs.

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