Monster Musume Season 2 Cast, Release Date

Monster Musume is one of the most popular manga and anime that have been released in recent years, as millions of fans fell in love with the original cast of characters, funny shenanigans, and well-written lines.

The plot focuses on the misadventures of Kimihito Kurusu, a Japanese student who lives in Asaka Saitama. A few years before the action takes place, the government of Japan reveals that many fabled mythical creatures are real, including centaurs, mermaids, harpies, and lamias. These creatures, known as liminals, are integrated into society, joining regular families in a fashion similar to foreing exchange and au-pair programs.

Season 2 cast

The first volume of of the manga was published in September 2012 and became a quick hit among readers. Two years later, the official website for the manga asked the readers if they would be interested in an anime adaptation.

Positive feedback was offered, and the first season of the anime adaptation was announced in 2015. The anime adaptation was quite popular and licensed across a large number of countries. It is anticipated that the Japanese voice cast will reprise their roles for the second season. The list of returning voice actors includes:

Natsuki Nomura as Suu of Junji

Majima as Kurusu Kimihito

Sora Amamiya as Miia

Ari Ozawa as Papi

Haruka Yamazaki like Mero

Sakura Nakamura as Rachnera

Ai Kakuma as Lala

Yu Kobayashi as Ms.Smith

Rei Mochizuki as Zombina

Momo Asakura as Manako

Yukira Kubo as Tionisia

Saori Onishi as Doppel.

Possible release date for season 2

The manga has been on hiatus several times, and the release of the anime has been affected too. While two original animation videos were released since the first anime season aired. However, the author is back to work, and a new season of the anime is likely in the making, but a release date is not available for now.

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