Microsoft Will Release Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Simultaneously

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X will be released on the market at the same time, a premiere for the popular Xbox range. While the Xbox Series S is more affordable, it is likely that most Xbox fans will choose Series X.

The main advantage of buying a gaming console instead of a gaming PC is represented by the fact that you can enjoy games without the need to worry about swapping components to enjoy high-quality graphics.

A matter of performance

The Xbox Series S comes with a $299 price tag, which is lower by $200 in comparison to the Xbox Series X. While the price difference is quite significant, so are the hardware specs. The Xbox Series X comes with a GPU, which is more than twice as powerful, double the amount of storage space, and a Blu-ray drive compatible with 4K UHD discs.

By releasing both consoles at the same time, Microsoft is taking a brave step, as the market might be split. Some gamers will pick up one of the two consoles at launch, but there is also a more convenient option.

All Acces Upgrade

The All Access Upgrade program offers the option to trade an Xbox One and receives an Xbox Series X or Series S that for which monthly payments can be made, which is a great deal for those who don’t want to pay the full cost upfront.

Storage space will also be more expensive for the new consoles as an official storage card will cost up to $220 for 1TB. Adding the price to the one of the Xbox Series S, which comes with 512GB of storage space while the Series X comes with 1TB and the more expensive model becomes even more attractive.

Only time will tell what will happen as in the end, both consoles could be a hit among gamers.


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