Microsoft Edge Update Introduces The Collections Feature

Every smartphone owner uses their device to access the internet from time to time, as they may look for important information, the next thing to buy, new sources of entertainment, and others.

An excellent internet browsing app is essential to enjoy a pleasant experience, and the Microsoft Edge app offers everything you need to access the internet! A large number of great features are available and ready to make your experience even better as you can switch between devices, use privacy features, navigate without traces, and more.

Safe and secure

Privacy has become an essential factor in recent years as many third-party organizations and websites will attempt to monitor your user habits and sell the information to marketing companies. Some platforms also use targeted advertising to showcase ads based on what seems to attract your attention.

With the help of a dedicated anti-tracking system, Microsoft Edge will block websites from tracking your activities, even if you don’t access them. It is also easier to avoid ads thanks to an excellent ad-blocker that is also included within the app and ready to use, so you don’t need to download extensions from external sources.

Privacy features

Want to browse a website without leaving tracks? Activate the handy InPrivate tabs to visit websites without the need to worry about cookies, history, and other potential information that could be used to trace your interests. Everything is deleted after InPrivate tabs are closed.

A streamlined approach to design and world-class performance ensures that Microsoft Edge is the best internet browser app for millions of people from all over the world. Switch between devices easily with the smart sync protocol, which offers the ability to share open tabs across your devices with a few taps.

The update comes with the new Collections feature, which improves the ability to access and share content on different devices by synchronizing account credentials and other useful information.

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