Microsoft Backs Epic Games In Battle Against Apple

Epic Games had made a big splash when it announced that it will sue Apple and Google after Fortnite was banned from app storefronts provided by the two companies. The company’s initiative against the 30% cut received by Apple and Google has sparked heated debates and it seems that Apple is ready to retaliate.

In an attempt to avoid lengthy legal procedures, Apple has warned Epic Games that it will revoke iOS and macOS support for Unreal Engine, a move that would affect a large number of developers and video game titles.

Power Plays

A new motion which has been filled by Epic Games mentions that Apple is more interested in asserting its power, as it seems to be more than willing to compromise the efforts of a large number of developers in an attempt to force Epic’s hand since unhappy developers would blame Epic for the consequence.

It is argued in the motion that the measure is extremely punitive, as iOS developers who opted to use Unreal Engine have no interest in the case. The major aim of it is to show the world that Apple rules its ecosystem with an iron fist, and intimidation is a big factor.

Backed by Microsoft

Microsoft has also decided to enter the fray with a declaration that supports Epic Games. According to the Redmond, giant developers would lose the ability to patch key security vulnerabilities in a large number of titles made with Unreal Engine, exposing users to major security risks.

Apple has also asked a court to reject the lawsuit initiated by Epic Games. According to Apple Epic Games orchestrated the current problems by willfully adding an alternative payment solution to Fortnite, even if such mechanics are against the rules of the App Store

While Epic Games seems to have the favor of developers and some industry players, what will happen in court remains to be seen.

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