Microsoft Angers Windows 10 Users By Pushing Edge

The reborn version of Edge has brought a breath of fresh into the world of internet browsers for computers, but Microsoft seems to be quite keen on pushing the revamped software a little bit too hard.

While the browser offers an impressive experience thanks to the switch to Chromium, the Redmond giant has decided that everyone has to try it, regardless of their preferences or current interest. The new version has made its way to many computers that run Windows, even Windows 7, which no longer receives security updates since January.

Angering users

Updates can be delivered to people in several ways. You can politely suggest the update, and see if the user wants it or not. You can add it stealthily without them knowing. Or can deliver in a stealthy manner, then turn on the virtual equivalent of a spotlight to convince users to try it.

Microsoft decided to go with the third option, and many users were annoyed when a window offering the option to configure Edge appeared after a recent update was installed. While most closed the window and launched their favorite browser, some were pleased by the new changes.

Salting the wound

However, it seems that Microsoft has decided to raise some waves. A recent announcement from the company informed users that data from the old version of Edge would be transferred to the new version while offering full control over the way in which personal data is transferred.

At the end of the announcement, it was also mentioned that there is no way to uninstall Edge or use the legacy version, a detail that sparked a new wave of complaints from Windows users. The goal to attract new Edge users is understandable, but most analysts and technology news outlets argue that the strategy picked by Microsoft could have been much better.

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