Microsoft and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Will Develop Advanced Smart Camera for Enterprise-grade use

Microsoft and Sony will work together on the development of advanced AI-powered smart cameras aimed at the enterprise market.

The upcoming cameras will combine the features of the Azure AI developed by Microsoft with the IMX500 intelligent vision sensor, which can collect relevant information from images. By combining these two products into a single one the two companies aim to deliver a bleeding-edge imaging solution that could be useful in a large number of industries.

Rise of video analytics

Video analytics has become popular in recent years, as it was adopted by a large number of industrial customers. It can be employed to identify and track down novel revenue opportunities, addressing select challenges, or simplifying some strategies and protocols.

An accessible application is the use of smart cameras to monitor product shelves. When the number of available products falls under a certain limit, the camera will detect the event and suggest a refill. In a similar fashion, the method can be used to monitor queues and decide if additional checkout counters should be opened to prevent agglomerations.

Improving the standard

While the technology is popular, the traditional implementation of video analytics tends to be accompanied by some issues. Since the process relies on data that is gathered from several sources, including large spaces like shopping centers and deposits, a significant amount of resources is required, including electrical power.

The solution offered by Sony and Microsoft targets independent software vendors who focus on computer vision and video analytics opportunities, as well as manufacturers of smart cameras who wish to enhance their product portfolio. Customers will have the option to train the cameras for specific needs, which is a great boon in the field.

Both companies will also facilitate innovative projects developed by partners and enterprise-grade customers, which are included in the sophisticated AI & IoT Insider Labs program run by Microsoft.

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