MEGOGO Update 3.8.3 Adds Several Bug Fixes

We live at the apex of of the digital age, with streaming offering the opportunity to enjoy a large amount of interesting and fascinating content while you are commuting or relaxing after a hard day.

MEGOGO  is an excellent app that offers access to some of the most popular TV channels, TV series, TV shows, movies, cartoons, audiobooks, and more. Thanks to the rich assortment of available content, there is something for people of all ages, all packed in a convenient app for your Android smartphone and Android TV.

A wealth of content

With more than 200 popular TV channels of all genres, users can enjoy their favorite content live. Besides live television, you can also enjoy thousands of movies, TV series, TV shows, and cartoons, with several choices across multiple genres.

Want to relax but don’t have access to an internet connection?  Movies and audiobooks can be downloaded directly on your device. Make any trip better by watching movies, playing great cartoons for the kids, or listening to an exciting audiobook without the need to worry about data plans or signal coverage.

Lots of features

In time the app will learn your user habits and deliver personalized recommendations for your taste, so you can discover new and interesting movies, TV series, audiobooks, and much more.  The available library is already generous, and new content is added on a constant basis, so there will always be something to enjoy.

With the help of a state-of-the-art network system, users will enjoy a crystal-clear video and audio quality that will ensure the best experience across all compatible devices. Built-in Chromecast support will provide a smooth transition from the screen of your smartphone to the screen of your TV. The latest Hollywood blockbusters can also be bought or rented with a few taps, and a premium subscription offers access to more features.

The 3.8.3 update includes several bug fixes which enhance the user experience.

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