MediaTek announces a new dual-SIM 5G processor

As 5G towers are implemented in more countries around the world, the new standard becomes more popular, despite the significant price tag of compatible smartphones.

MediaTek has announced a new processor that aims to bring 5G connectivity on mid-range to high-end smartphones. The Dimensity 820 processor includes carrier aggregation technology, which delivers superior coverage and enhanced transitions between areas with 5G coverage. Other features are also present, among which we can count improved ownlod speeds, support for Dual-SIMs, and the bleeding edge voice over new radio (also known as VONR), which replaces the popular VoLTE standard.

Modern and powerful

The chip includes four Arm Cortex-A76  performance cores, which can reach up to 2.6 GHz,  and four power-efficient Cortex -A55 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz. A powerful GPU is also present in the form of an Arm Mali G57, which carries five cores.

Support for several useful features is present. The MediaTek APU 3.0 AI processing unit provides makes it compatible with facial recognition. It is also able to play 4K HDR videos. Cameras with a maximum resolution of 80 MP can be used, and the HyperEngine 2.0 will improve performance in demanding titles.

Challenging the titan

For a long time, Qualcomm was the to-go supplier for affordable chips that would work great on mid-range to high range devices, with the Snapdragon 765 being a favorite among smartphone manufacturers. As the ban on technology provided by Huawei has been extended to May 2021 in the U.S., MediaTek also has an advantage against Huawei and its range of Kirin processors.

It is always great to have options and it is likely that many manufacturers will opt to include the Dimensity 820 chip on some of their new smartphones. Xiaomi is an early adopter, and the chip will be present in the RedMi 10X smartphone, which is scheduled for release in China in less than two weeks.

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