Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Will Launch this Fall – What’s New So Far?

Trusted reports have brought some very good news for gamers! Do you remember the Mass Effect Trilogy? Yes, the one with the absolutely amazing story, gameplay, and graphics that revolutionized Science Fiction RPGs, then ended the series with the most anticlimactic ending ever. God, that was absolutely awful. Do you remember how the only different thing was the color? Hopefully, this will change. Why would it change, you ask? Well, that is because some trusted sources have confirmed that a remastered version of the famed Mass Effect Trilogy is going to be completely remastered. It was about time, since many, many years have passed since the ending of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

And if you are thinking what we are thinking, please stop. Do not even think to mention Mass Effect: Andromeda. Actually, according to an urban legend, if you go at midnight to the mirror and say “Mass Effect: Andromeda” three times in a row, your brain’s graphic engine will fail and you will need glasses for the rest of your life. Okay, that was a long enough rant, let us get back to the remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

A new article posted in the trusted Gamereactor says that the remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy is being remastered for current-gen consoles and is currently scheduled for release sometime this Fall. The theoretical timing of the remastered version does not comes as a surprise, considering the fact that we are about to see a new console generation. Gamereactor thus explains that the remastered version will be published in the place of the usual EA blockbusters, such as Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield.

We expect the remastered version’s launch to be officially launched during the EA Play event. This event is going to take place next week, on June 18.

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