Maserati’s New Supercar Is A 621 Horsepower Beast!

Maserati’s recently-released mid-engine supercar is a welcome touch of modernity for the brand. Also, the supercar will spawn an EV version too!

Past Troubles

Maserati fell into a dangerous zone lately – The company was slipping close to being a stuffy brand instead of what it used to stand for. The car will debut in 2021 under the name MC20, and it is the first supercar from the Italian automaker in nearly two decades.

The company was in desperate need of a new supercar.

Futuristic Car

The Maserati MC20 is very different from the 2004 MC12 that was based on the 2004 Ferrari Enzo.

The supercar was designed and engineered in-house. It has a sleek, modern supercar look with sharp edges that impressed us deeply.

In contrast to the MC12, the new supercar looks straightforward, but it has a very futuristic feeling.

The MC20 is also different from the GranTurismo Coupe, which was bigger and a grand tourer, so we can safely say that Maserati did a great job reinventing themselves.

The MC20 combines aerodynamic details with artistic design, packed with a thoughtfully color-coded system.

The darker parts of the car have significant roles in efficiency and performance.

The white paint on the car is called “Bianco Audace,” which translates as “white boldness,” which Maserati states was designed to “evoke the gleam of quarried marble, struck by the light of a Mediterranean sunset.”

Engine – Impressing Figures

The initial version will receive a 90-degree, twin-turbo, 3.0 liter V6 producing 621 horsepower.

The company says that the engine, called Nettuno, is entirely new.

The power is the same as on the MC12, though the new car has half the number of cylinders and half the displacement!

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