Mars Rover Curiosity Is Operated From Home

The ongoing pandemic has affected so many industrial areas that even NASA employees were forced to conduct their research from home. Sending a Mars rover in the outer space requires years of study and tests, let alone improving the rover from home, being incapable of working face to face with your colleagues. Even though this challenge sounds almost impossible, NASA’s teams are facing the situation, doing their utmost work from their homes.

Nasa has recently posted on their official site a picture showing exactly how a team is holding up during this unprecedented scenario. The researchers’ team that was presented is currently working on the Curiosity mission. The image is displaying four members of the group in a collage. However, the task involves hundreds of researchers, although they can never meet in person to discuss the forthcoming steps.

Mars Rover Curiosity Is Operated From Home

The leading researcher of NASA’s team is Alicia Allbaugh. When asked how is a typical day at work, she answered that the working hours are spent together with the team. They are used to sit together in the same working space and share images and data on screens where everybody can see and voice their opinions. The crisis is determining her to juggle with the work.

Currently, she is responsible for 15 separate conversations, since her team is working on different schedules and computing modules. In addition to that, the members are communicating through video conferences, sometimes being forced to answer more at once because of the amount of workload they have.

Despite the fact that the resources they use are a lot less efficient that the researchers are generally used to, the work they perform is as effective as usual. This has been the life of the researchers for the past one month. Thankfully, the Curiosity Mars rover program was not canceled, and impressive discoveries were made up until now.

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