Mario Kart Tour 2.6.0 Update Brings Gameplay Improvements

Mario is one of the most popular video game characters in the world, and the Mario franchise includes video games from a large number of genres. Mobile gamers have wanted Mario Kart on their devices for years, and Mario Kart Tour fulfills their wish!

Get behind the wheel and challenge players from all over the world in an exciting multiplayer game that will test your skills! Race against up to seven other players, whether they are friends or strangers, and leave them behind as you head towards the finish line!

Touring the world

Mario Kart Tour features classic tracks from previous titles as well as brand new ones that have been inspired by international cities. Destinations are swapped every two weeks for a fresh gameplay experience, and some of the characters will come with items that reflect the local nuances of the available cities.

Enjoy a timeless gameplay experience as you drive on the track, thanks to a robust control system. Use one finger to steer and drift easily and throw powerful items that will give you an edge against rivals as you earn gold cups!

Fun for everyone

Want to experience intense, no-holds-barred races? Jump into the frenzy mode, where your kart is immune to damage, and there is an unlimited amount of strategic items that can be employed to wreak chaos on the racing track and get the first place before others have a chance to do it!

Win races to earn Grand Stars and unlock a wide assortment of items, including new drivers, karts, and drivers! Showcase your skills by displaying badges next to your in-game name! Join Bonus Challenges with interesting twists, where you have to beat rivals like Mega Bowser and takedown as many Goomba as possible!

The 2.6.0 update comes with the ability to improve the special driving skill when the level of a driver is increased. Auto mode is now available and offers the option to take impressive screenshots.

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