League of Legends Wild Rift EA Update Comes With New Fixes

League of Legends is the undisputed champion of the MOBA scene, as the popular title was released for PC more than ten years ago. Still, it continues to attract an impressive number of players and enjoys a prestigious esports reputation.

As tablets and smartphones became more accessible, many players have demanded the release of a mobile version of the game that would allow them to enjoy the classic LoL experience on their devices. Some developers have released MOBAs made for mobile platforms, but even the most popular ones fail to capture what makes LoL great.

Welcome to the Wild Rifts

After years of waiting, Riot announced that a mobile version of League of Legends would be released under the name of League of Legends: Wild Rift. This version was developed with mobile devices in mind, and some changes have been implemented to optimize the experience for touchscreens.

Wild Rift will feature the iconic 5 vs. 5 gameplay experience that made the original a hit. It will retain a massive pool of champions from which the players can choose and the thrill of roaming the map in search of the next kill, tower, or a strike against the enemy Nexus.

Solid features

A major change is represented by the introduction of the Wild Rift, a redesigned version of Summoner;s Rift, which has been rebuilt with a focus on faster gameplay and more opportunities for strategic combat. Players will enjoy a comfortable dual-stick control scheme that will place a focus on skill and skill shots.

More than 40 champions will be available at launch, along with a vast collection of skins. All champions can be unlocked for free. The game is still in the beta phase, with an early-access version being available. The new early access build comes with new stability and performance improvements. A stable version will be released in the following months.

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