Lack of Sleep Affects the Mental Health in Children

The most common and recently discovered diseases in children are anxiety and impulsive behavior. Many factors can influence those problems, but the most important is the amount of sleep. A recent study shows that children between age 6-12 years, don’t sleep the necessary hours for the excellent functioning of the brain.

Usually, a child between age 6-12, must sleep at least 9h/day. Sleeping is one of the most important things for a child because their brain is developing and reorganizing very fast.

After a few tests and a little bit of research, the measurements of anxiety, depression, impulsive behavior, and reduced cognitive, it’s possible that the lack of sleep could be the problem. Things, like viewing clips or play with devices, can influence their brain development and can induce them some kind of dizziness.

This type of “malfunction” is the result of irresponsible parents who don’t take this information very seriously, but also the busy schedule they have in schools, sports, and social activities.

Lack of Sleep Affects the Mental Health in Children

If a child is too busy playing and is spending too much time without rest, his behavior will change due to the lack of sleep. Also, his brain will be overly active, and he won’t be able to stay focused and see the essential things.

Study’s show that 60% of the teen population in the USA, can get less than eight hours of sleep and also from the results received from the test, a good sleeping schedule, improves cognitive system and mental health.

Also, mental illness can be a combination of factors like heredity, biology, psychological trauma, and the environment. Warning signs that children might have a mental health condition include mood changes, intense feelings, behavior changes, difficulty concentrating, unexplained weight loss physical symptoms, physical harm, substance abuse.

To prevent these things, we must be careful with our siblings, and maybe a periodic examination can be useful.

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