Keep Your Photos Safe With These Tips

Every smartphone owner has hundreds of photos stored within their device, with many capturing unique moments and memories that are important and treasured. However, some worry about losing these photos, and it might be quite hard to navigate through them in time. The tips found below will enhance your user experience and give peace of mind.

Cloud backups

Android and iOS offer the option to copy your photos into the cloud in a fast and intuitive way. On an Android device, you will have to launch the Google Photos App. Tap on the upper-right corner on your account initial or photo, choose Photo Settings, and Go to Backup & synch. Enable the feature, and you are good to go. On an iOS device, the feature can be activated by going to Settings/iCloud/Photos and activating iCloud Photos. Keep in mind that both services come with limited free storage, and you may need to pay for more space.

Save them on your PC

There is always the option to create a dedicated folder for your photos on your PC and copy transfer your favorite image with a few clicks.

Use external hard drives

External hard drives have become more affordable in recent years, and they have a generous capacity. A standard 2TB USB drives can store 500,000, which is likely to be more than anyone can shoot in a reasonable amount of time. There is also the option to buy an encrypted external hard drive, which comes with a dedicated keypad that offers an additional security feature, which is quite important in our time.

Avoid USB sticks

USB sticks or thumb drives may seem to be a fast and easy way to save important files, but they are far from being the best choice. Their size makes them very easy to lose or steal. One can take a flash drive from a table and make it disappear easily, and without witnesses or cameras, it’s hard to learn who was the culprit.

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