JustWatch Update 2.6.19 Removes Several Bugs

We live at the apex of the streaming era, as millions of people enjoy their favorite video content on their devices without the need to watch commercials or purchase DVD sets that will only be used once or twice.

Streaming services have started to surface in abundance after Netflix, the undisputed king of the streaming market, became popular. As new services appeared, some strive to attract users by offering exclusive content that cannot be found somewhere else. It some cases, it can be quite hard to tell where you can find a specific movie or TV series, but JustWatch has you covered.


JustWatch is an excellent app that can help users to find their favorite content easily. Only a few taps are needed to enter the title of a movie or series, and JustWatch with comparing it with an internal database, tracking down the platforms which offer the relevant content in a few seconds.

From time to time, users will also receive the option to watch interesting content without the need to pay for it. Offers of this kind are 100% legal, and there are no disadvantages, as some of the titles can be quite interesting

Packed with features

A dedicated Watchbar will offer the option to choose your favorite streaming platforms out of a selection of more than 85 choices. The smart search engine includes complete profiles for more than 90,000 movies, TV series, and TV shows, and it will also display a short synopsis, names of the cast, ratings, and more.

It is easy to stay up-to-date with the latest releases as the Timeline window will showcase the newest titles that are available on your favorite streaming services so you can binge the fresh content with ease. Harness the deal-tracker to profit when special promotions and discounts are available.

New bug fixes and improvements are included in the 2.6.19 update.

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