Juno Revealed Astonishing Storms On Jupiter

Jupiter is the giant planet from our galaxy, being situated on the fifth place in the Solar System. Even though its position is far away from being accessible for research, the scientists from NASA are not discouraged and still manage to get valuable information about the giant planet. The researchers are proudly presenting a couple of shots of the planet that is 484 million miles away from Earth.

The brand-new images that NASA is displaying were taken with the help of Juno. The spacecraft is proudly named “NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System” since the satellite is showing its mission in real-time. Juno manages to enter the orbit back in 2016 successfully.

Its primary focus is to reveal the mysteries of the dense clouds that are covering the giant Jupiter, which is hiding the formation and evolution of the planets. Juno was specially built to analyze Jupiter’s magnetic fields and gravity, as well as its dynamics and composition. Its mission will end in 2021, after ten years of serving NASA.

The amazing storms of Jupiter captured by Juno

During a very close swing, Juno managed to capture a picture of the Northern region of the giant planet. The image displays the magnificent stormy atmosphere of Jupiter, which was shot on 17 February 2020. The photo was taken from 15.610 miles above the atmosphere of Jupiter.

On the top of the image, Juno managed to capture the spinning storms, which are of particular interest to the scientists. These atmospheric particles that are floating above Jupiter’s atmosphere are still a mystery for NASA’s scientists.

They are continuing to analyze the composition of the atmospheric particles with the help of the Juno spacecraft. In addition to this, Juno has taken a complete album to display the magic atmosphere of the giant Jupiter. Many of these shots are available for the public and can be found on NASA’s website.

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