Joy-Con Drift Woes Spark A Lawsuit Against Nintendo

A mother and her boy have filed a class-action suit against the renowned company Nintendo, arguing that it didn’t do enough to solve the problems related with Joy-Con issues. The lawsuit joins several legal battles against the company.

Joy-Con drift can affect the controllers in time, and it will force characters in a game to move even if no one issuing the controller. According to the complaint, the mother of the boy bought him a Nintendo Switch as a birthday gift in December 2018. Early signs of the flaw appear after a month.

Becoming unusable

The state of the controllers continued to degrade in the following months, and after a year, they have become unusable. While a new set of controllers was purchased, they started to feature the same defect after approximately seven months.

Sadly Joy-Con drift has surfaced quite often as an issue for Nintendo Switch users. Nintendo did acknowledge the problem in July 2019, after a post on a popular platform gathered more than 25,000 upvotes after asking the company for information about the problem.

Not enough

Nintendo has started to fix Joy-Cons for free even after the warranty limit since July 2019, and the president of the company shared an apology during the summer. However, the lawyers hired by the mother argue that the company failed to act in time as it didn’t do enough to fix the issue, nor did it notify potential customers about it.

The lawyers also underlined the fact that Nintendo continues to promote the Switch without featuring any warnings or in the box of the product, which means that it wants to continue to sell them without the need to spend money to solve the issue.

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