Jerry Lawler Made Numerous Jokes on Christmas During the Last Episode of WWE

The episode streaming on December 23rd of WWE RAW has made some rounds on the Internet.
Now, Jerry Lawler discussed on it, together with the lead announcer Vic Joseph, as well as colleague analyst Samoa Joe. As numerous fans indicated on the social media platform Twitter when the show was airing, Lawler told numerous Christmas jokes across the entire episode.

Most of them were made during the match between Charlotte Flair and RAW rookie Chelsea Green. Referring to his The Jerry Lawler Show podcast, which rolled out just three days before the pre-recorded sequence of RAW, the WWE Hall of Fame noted before head that the show would have numerous Christmas allusions.

“We just used some Christmas terms because one time Chelsea grabbed Charlotte by the back of her head and rammed her face-first into the turnbuckle, and I just hit little lines like, ‘That’s not Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Charlotte, that’s the turnbuckle.’ Everything had a Christmas feel to it throughout the show. I had some excellent little one-liners in there, which was a lot of fun,” he said.

Jerry Lawler Made Numerous Jokes on Christmas During the Last Episode of WWE

He also mentioned that the only feedback he got from Paul Heyman, the Executive Director of RAW, was made after the show when the executive joked that he could have mentioned something about Hanukkah as well.

We made so many Christmas jokes on the show that’s coming up on Christmas week that afterward, the only thing that Paul Heyman came up and said to me after the show was, ‘You couldn’t have one Hanukkah line in there?

Jerry Lawler came back to RAW as a long-standing commentator, side by side with Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin, on the show’s season premiere sequence that took place back on September 30th.
Since then, Maddin’s substitute has been Samoa Joe, but it is unclear yet whether ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ will continue keeping that position next year.

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