Japan Takes A Closer Look At The App Store

Apple is going through some hot waters recently as several antitrust investigations are already taking place, and Epic is preparing for litigation after Fortnite was kicked from the App Store for breaching the rules.

These recent events have sparked some ripples as the Japanese gaming market is taking a more direct stance on the topic of the Apple App Store. While the 30% cut is also a potential issue, Japanese game developers are disappointed by the preferential treatment offered by the company to some developers and services, which fails to enforce the guidelines Apple seems to hold so dear.

Escalating issues

The antitrust regulations agency of Japan has announced that it will take a closer look at Apple’s practices as the legal clash between the Cupertino giant and Epic Games is shaping up to be an extensive battle for both sides.

Executives of some of the most popular mobile games development studios have also shared their dissatisfaction with the way in which the App Store is managed, with one prominent developer stating that Epic should win the battle, as this would force Apple to improve its approach and listen to developers.

A clash with titans

Apple and Google monopolize app distribution on iOS and Android, as any app developers who want to publish apps for one or both of the platforms have to make use of the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, giving a cut of 30% from in-app purchases.

Epic Games sued both companies in August, arguing that the 30% fee is too high and that developers should have the option to offer in-app purchases without being forced to use the payment systems provided by the two companies. Both Apple and Google disputed the charges, with the former arguing that the 30% fee is an industry-standard.

With potential antitrust investigations surfacing in Japan, it seems that 2020 will be even tougher for Apple.

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