iPhone SE vs. Google Pixel 4A – Best Flagship Performance Comparison

2020 is an excellent year for budget smartphones with more than decent performance and specifications.

Apple and Google released smaller versions of their flagship devices in the iPhone SE and Pixel 4A, two affordable alternatives to the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4.

Both devices cost $400 or less – The iPhone starts at $399 while the Pixel 4A costs a mere $349.

Both pack a single 12-megapixel camera that is brilliant at shooting photos.

Also, future software updates (iOS 14 and Android 11) mean that the experience will feel fresh for a while!

Here is a quick comparison between the two to figure out which one is the best choice for you:

Flagship Performance

The iPhone SE packs a lot of what the top-tier iPhones offer. That includes the quick and impressive A13 Bionic chip, a water-resistant design, wireless charging, and improved Wi-Fi.

Its excellent camera also records fantastic videos.

It is a tad more expensive than the Pixel 4A, but it’s still affordable compared to its bigger brothers.

The Google Pixel 4A makes more compromises than the iPhone SE, and it has fewer features than the full-fledged Pixel 4.

It doesn’t feature wireless charging or water resistance, and it is powered by a Snapdragon 730G chipset, making it inferior to the iPhone.

However, its enduring autonomy outlasts the SE, and its fantastic camera is the same as the primary camera of the Pixel 4.

When you analyze storage and compare the Pixel 4A’s 128 GB of storage to the iPhone SE, the price difference increases to $100.

Camera Quality

To put it quickly, the camera you will like best depends on the sorts of photos you usually take and what kind of light conditions you typically find yourself in.

If you are an amateur photographer and you like to capture moments with your friends while out and regardless of the time of the day, the Pixel 4A’s unique night mode may be the perfect pick.

If you usually take dozens of videos and selfies, the iPhone SE is the way to go!

Here is what Savvides had to say about the two devices regarding camera performance:

“The Pixel 4A is better for low-light photography and, as a result, is stronger overall for still images. It also has more options than the iPhone SE in its default camera app. The iPhone SE has the edge for video and selfies.”

Build Quality

As both devices are budget versions of their flagship big brothers, it makes sense that the two companies skimped on a few design aspects to reduce costs.

The build quality of the iPhone SE is close to present-day iPhones. The most significant downside of the SE is the bezels that accommodate the front-facing camera and physical home button.

The overall build quality certainly feels cheaper than the flagship Apple devices. It is water-resistant and available in red, white, and black.

The Pixel 4A does not look as appealing because it is only available in black, and apart from its baby-blue power button, its matte polycarbonate rear side appears drab.

The overall feeling is a bit cheaper than the iPhone, but most users can go unnoticed.

The big downside to the 4A is that it is not water-resistant, and its camera bump is larger than the iPhone’s rear camera.

The advantage of the Pixel 4A is its impressive OLED display, which looks significantly sharper than the iPhone’s, especially in high-quality videos and games.

It goes up to 1080p in resolution compared to the iPhone’s 750p.

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