iPhone SE 2 Vs iPhone 11 – Design, Specs, Prices, And More

The iPhone SE 2 has recently been released and its budget-friendly tagline is highly appreciated. It is the second version of the 2016 iPhone SE, and it features several exciting options such as wireless charging, as well as a headphone jack for music lovers. Its price starts at $399 and depends on the internal storage memory chosen. If you are searching for an iPhone at an affordable price, the iPhone SE 2 is the right answer, being with more than $300 cheaper than the iPhone 11.

iPhone SE 2 Vs iPhone 11

Design and Appearance

The iPhone SE features a 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 11 adopts a larger screen of 6.1-inch. While the recently released iPhone brings to its users a small and compact device, the latter is second to none in terms of graphics and the quality of the image. Both methods have the same pixel density, even though iPhone 11 presents a Liquid Retina HD display, making the screen look sharper.

Camera setup

The iPhone SE 2 presents a single backside camera, ideal for users that are not impressed by the camera settings of a phone. In the meantime, the best photographs are taken with an iPhone 11, which presents as well a secondary wide-angle camera, enabling users to take micro shots with more precision.

Both smartphones incorporate 5x digital zoom, but iPhone 11 presents a 2x optical zoom that manages to keep the image at the same quality while zooming. The selfie camera is better on iPhone 11 because it presents 12MP, while the iPhone SE 2 has a 7MP front-facing camera.

Processor and battery

Both devices are equipped with the most improved processor that Apple has, the A13 Bionic chip. When comparing the battery power, even though Apple has not revealed the battery capacity, it is easy to observe that iPhone SE 2 does not come with the same capacity as the iPhone 11.

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