iPhone 12 New Design to Ignore 5G – Latest Leaks

This week, we have learned a lot about Apple, and we are about to share. News shows that they will come with a new iPhone 12 design and that it will completely ignore 5G. We have also heard that there are some problems with iPhone SE.

The iPhone X design has been here for three years, and it is ready to be forgotten since the new iPhone 12 will make its appearance. It actually makes sense, showing that there is a new iPhone, even if the design might send us back to 2010’s iPhone 4.

According to some reports, Apple has made its iPhones softer since they launched the iPhone 6 back in 2014. Apple will bring back the straighter, flatter lines on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, which were the public’s favorite. We have already seen this style brought by Apple to the 2020 iPad Pro, which is a product that showed Apple’s iPhone imaging plans.

So Apple’s new iPhone 12 range will include a small model.

We have also heard s0me spicy details about 5G. The full portfolio of the new devices will support 5G, but the lower-priced models won’t come with support for mmWave. This is a compromise to keep the price down and still offer faster data speed: “while the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max need to tick all boxes for their premium price points, the cost-saving of leaving mmWave out of the entry-level iPhone 12 models is dramatic, and Apple is passing it on to buyers.”

iPhone 12 will have to deal with a problem – iPhone SE. It was launched just last month, at the price of $399, and it comes with the A13 chip and the latest version of iOS. But iPhone SE is better: “Early indications show the iPhone 12 won’t be anything ground-breaking, meaning the iPhone SE will be a great buy.”

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