iOS 13.5.5 Includes Hints Of Future Apple Services Bundle In Development

Rumors say that Apple is working on a service bundle that packs Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more in a singular subscription. 9to5Mac has discovered bits of code from the beta version of iOS 13.5.5 that back up those rumors.

The concept isn’t exactly new, considering that one year ago, the company was negotiating with music producers and publishers to bundle content together over a single subscription.

Possible Reason

Currently, a separate, Family Sharing pack of Apple MMusic, News+, and TV+ would cost about $30 monthly.

The new bundle would provide all of those services at a somewhat lower price while also getting users, even more, hooked up on the Apple ecosystem.

The idea used to be a hot subject in the Apple community last year, but it faded away over time since there wasn’t much data to back it up.

The Hidden Code

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that some internal files from iOS 13.5.5 feature references to a “bundle subscription” and “bundle offer” that did not exist in past versions of the operating system.

The codes are tied to Apple’s dedicated services subscriptions like Apple News+, so it’s believed that the company is still developing a discount combo of its digital services.

Unfortunately, we might be far from the official release of the bundle, considering that there is no official announcement.

Financial Times reported that Apple had inked new deals for its music streaming service, but that doesn’t include pairing it with other of its services.

There is a chance that we might see the bundle released by the end of 2020, but don’t get your hopes too high up. The good thing is that we at least know that Apple is developing the bundle, which is nice.

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