Instagram alpha Update Brings New Stability Improvements

Social networks had started to bloom since the early days of the internet when bulletin boards allowed users to discuss various topics and share tips. While they become more popular in the following years, they reached their full potential in the age of smartphones.

Built around the idea of shooting and sharing photos, Instagram was released almost a decade ago on iOS devices. The simple concept and friendly user interface made it a quick hit among fans, boosting the number of active customers at a fast pace. An Android app and a web version were released in 2012.

Sharing photos

The popular social media app offers the opportunity to follow and stay in touch with friends and family as you watch and share posts. Photos and videos on the platform with a few taps.

Share photos and videos to express yourself and highlight what you enjoy. Your Instagram followers can follow your day-to-day moments, from a delicious breakfast enjoyed before the job to that beautiful weekend sunset that can charm any heart and everything in between. It is also easy to restrict access to your account, so only approved followers can see your posts.

Stay in touch

Of course, some of the biggest celebrities, brands, and events are also on Instagram, sharing updates and media that can’t be found anywhere else. Follow them to stay informed and get the latest updates as soon as they are released.

Add photos and videos to the Stories section, where they will be available for 24 hours before they disappear. Interact with friends and family via DMs, and start a new conversation whenever you want. IGTV offers access to popular videos made by major creators, and you can always find something new in the Explore section.

The latest update for the app, alpha, comes with new stability improvements and bug fixes.

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