Indian Tech Startups Might Challenge Google’s Play Store

Google has enjoyed intense popularity in India as Android devices represented 99% of the local smartphone market. However, it seems that local entrepreneurs are displeased by the need to use services provided by the tech giant and are exploring alternatives.

According to a recent report, a large number of Indian companies and startups are working on the creation of an alliance and an app store that would free them from Google’s platforms. Several sources have mentioned the strategy, which seems to be on the rise.

Influential companies

The list of companies who are willing to challenge Google includes Paytm, MakeMyTrip, ShareChat, and PolicyBazaar, which are one of the most popular startups and companies that operate in India. Many founders and high-ranking employees believe that Google has created a monopoly in India and that Play Store guidelines aren’t enforced in a consistent manner.

Google’s announcement related to a 30% cut for in-app purchases from next year has added more fuel to the fire. During a conference event, Indian developers argued that a 30% tax would be too high, rendering many apps unsustainable.

Stern rules

Some companies are also annoyed by Google’s stern policies about acceptable content within apps. While some startups were interested in earning money from the Indian Premier League Tournament, Google sent a clear warning by removing the Paytm app from the Play Store, arguing that several policies have been breached.

Google is also working with Jio Platforms on the development of and release of more than 200 million low-cost smartphones in the following years. The telecommunications giant is quite popular among Indians, with more than 40 million JioPhone devices being already in use. All the smartphones made by Jio come with an exclusive app store that features a small selection of apps that have been curated by the company.

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