HTC’s Leaked AirPods Clone Is Better Than The iPods In Two Ways

Apple’s Airpods are some of the most representative earbuds in history. They are of high quality, and the concept feels futuristic but also pleasant and straightforward.

Many people have asked Apple to produce the AirPods in black. Though the tech giant wasn’t precisely compliant and “resisted” to the pressure, competition listened, namely HTC.

A new set of images that passed trough regulatory agencies in the US and Taiwan revealed that HTC is working on a pair of truly wireless earbuds that look a lot like AirPods, but have better features.

About The Earbuds

The earbuds, known as “HTC U Ear,” have been spotted first by Android Police, and the long stems and the design that rests on the user’s ear are some of the features that can be noticed right away.

It looks like the charging case doesn’t have wireless charging, which is compensated by the fact that it can be charged via USB C, which will most likely decrease charging time.

Their main advantage to the Airpods is design, particularly color. People like glossy black plastic, so it makes sense why HTC adopted that design.

If you wanted colored Airpods, you had to go to companies like ColorWave. ColorWave helps users to customize their AirPods in a multitude of vibrant colors.

Possible Release Date

It’s not yet known if HTC will release the truly wireless “U Ear” to the public, though it’s safe to say that they will do that at some point. Why else would they work so hard to implement features that the Airpods lack?

Do you think that the “U Ear” will be a worthy opponent to the Airpods? HTC has previously amazed with unique bits of tech, so that is expectable, and Apple most likely is aware of it.

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