How you can watch online the launch of the latest US military secret space mission

It is a big day in the history of the Space Force. They are about to launch a robotic plane with the code X-37B on a brand new secret mission. The launch, made for the U.S. military, will take place on May 16 and can be watched live on the internet.

If the weather conditions allow, the X-37B space plane will take off atop an Atlas V rocket. The launch station will be Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, located within Florida. The secret mission will begin once the space plane is safely in orbit. The scheduled launch of the rocket is currently 10:13 a.m. EDT (14:13 GMT). A launch was attempted earlier in the day, but bad weather prevented it from taking place.

The launch of X-37B can be seen live on the homepage of The livestream is estimated to begin at about 8 a.m. EDT (12:00 GMT). The launch can also be seen live on the website of the United Launch Alliance. This is the company that actually built the rocket that is going to be used. Weather is estimated to play a key role in the launch. Experts indicate that the chances of the conditions being favorable for the launch trend around 40%.

The launch happening on Saturday, codenamed USSF-7, is entirely dedicated to the plethora of first responders and medical personnel who fight the current coronavirus pandemic on a daily basis. Secretary of Air Force Barbara Barrett said in a recent statement that their invincible American spirit is what makes them wake up in the morning and start to collaborate and innovate towards overcoming adversity. The launch is dedicated to the aforementioned individuals as they are the ones who are keeping America strong in difficult moments like these, The tagline of this mission was thus chosen appropriately: “America Strong”.

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