How To Turn On The WhatsApp Dark Mode

One of the most used socializing platforms these days, and not only, is WhatsApp. Recently, more and more platforms are upgrading their apps and facilitate the use of dark mode for multiple reasons.

One of the most beneficial reasons is that the Dark Mode reduces the eye strain in the night and it also uses less battery than average. After months of testing, the dark mode is now an available feature for WhatsApp as well for any type of device.

If your gadget has either iOS13 or Android 10 (or higher), the Dark Mode will be enabled automatically for the users, as per reports. The appearance for Android users will seem slightly greyish, while the iOS users will experience a completely black screen.

The Dark Mode in WhatsApp

The developers have decided to make this feature available in order to reduce the amount of brightness of the screen. The dark grey background is also enhancing the contrast of the colors and diminishes the glare.

The first step in order to use this feature is to make sure that your app is updated to the most recent version available on your app store. Rember that this feature is not compatible with iOS users that have less than the 12th version, but can be utilized by those who have an Android 9 phone.

After you made sure that all your updates are up to date, search for the Settings menu and select the Chats option. The next thing you need to do is to select the Theme option and choose from the Dark, Light, or System Default options, the one that you desire.

The settings are the same for both types of operating systems. However, WhatsApp is still running tests on the iOS version. Therefore, Apple users can now only make use of the Dark Mode as an alternative to get the night theme experience.

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