How to Get Rufflet in Pokemon Go During the Battle League Event

The latest game launched by Pokemon franchise is Pokemon Go, continuing surprising the fans. The first was introduced for the sizeable public back in 2016 when it was highly appreciated for the gaming experience provided. Pokemon Go proposes an augmented reality system with the help of which players are asked to find their beloved Pokemon that can appear in their surroundings.

This impressive and unique game has earned the interest of millions of fans worldwide. Therefore, the official is paying attention to their users’ needs. Niantic has recently released an update for the fans that aims to offer the same quality experience despite the social distancing measures proposed by the government. Supporters are now delighted by a series of home-based events.

How to Get Rufflet in Pokemon Go

The most wanted Pokemon of all is beyond the shadow of a doubt, Rufflet. The flying Pokemon is located in the Unova region. The developers were planning on introducing it after the 8th of May, but this plan was slightly changed. Receiving Pokemons can only be accomplished while participating in the Battle League events.

The players that have already participate in the earlier stages of this event and manage to receive the fourth rank or above are the ones closer to encountering Rufflet. However, for those that have not managed to do so will be requested to be at least rank eight during the second season of this event. You must focus on collecting the necessary amount of Rufflet candies, which are your ticket to advance to the next step, the Braviary part of the Battle League.

The new season was scheduled to be released on the 1st of May. Unfortunately, it has been delayed, and no official declaration was made to state the future release. Until it releases, you have plenty of time to focus on the necessary steps to encounter Rufflet in Pokemon Go.

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