How to Erase Data From Your Lost Or Stolen Android Device

If you want to erase your phone remotely, you should consider installing Find My Device App and then verify your settings. It is possible to be activated by default, but test to be sure. Access the Google Play Store and download Find My Device. Then, go to Google Settings, choose Security, and Find My Device. Check if the Find My Device feature is activated.

After that, permit your device’s location to be accessed by the app. Find My Device feature also runs for tablets, but if you have many user accounts, only the one who set as the device can set those features.

How To Find Your Android Device

You can start immediately by accessing Find My Device in two ways. Firstly, on the Find My Device app on another Android device. Also, you can access the official website. After you log in, Find My Device will try yo locate your stolen or missing device. If it’s activated and you received a signal, you’ll notice the location on the map.

There will also appear three options, lock it, ring it, and If your device isn’t activated or can’t perceive a signal, Find My Device will report its location when it switches on and connects to Wi-Fi or cellular network. From now on, you can remove all the data from your phone, for example, but it is recommended to try the less-serious features and delete everything.

What If Find My Device Can’t Connect

If Find My Device can’t connect, you can try other things. For example, Google Maps tracks your device’s location history, so you can identify where your missing device has been by visiting the Location History. Another option includes the app called Android Lost, which runs well on other older Android versions.

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