How to Boost Your Internet Speed on Android Phones

There’s no denying that everybody needs the internet today, and not only for personal use. That’s why SpaceX tries to offer internet access to remote regions around the world using the Starlink satellites. There are countless businesses running online, many people working remotely, and various scenarios can stop you from gaining access to a laptop.

With smartphone usage rising tremendously over the years, knowing how to maintain a decent internet connection on such a device is a ‘must’.

How to Boost Your Internet Speed on Android Phones

Choose a faster browser

Some people don’t know that there are web browsers faster than others, even when it comes to smartphones. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for optimized web browsers for Android phones capable of boosting the internet speed. You can try UC Browser, Opera Mini, Mozilla, Brave, or the good old’ Chrome from Google.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Having a lot of unnecessary apps installed, or generally having your memory full can slow down many functions of your phone, including the internet speed. Therefore, just uninstall any unnecessary apps and reboot your device. This can improve your internet speed significantly.

Check the cache

This is actually the first thing you should check when your internet is running slow. Many times the internet speed of a phone slows down when the cache memory gets filled up after accessing many websites and downloading various content. In this case, you should just clear the cache memory.

There you have it, at least one of these methods should boost your internet speed from your phone in no time! If none of the methods don’t work, the best choice is to reset the settings from your phone to the ones from the factory. But before that, don’t forget to keep a copy of your files and data on a cloud.

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