Honkai Impact 3 Update 4.0.0 Introduces New Battlesuit and other content

The emergence of smartphones with high specifications has allowed developers to create titles that feature immersive graphics and gameplay systems that can keep players busy for a long while. One of them is Honkai Impact 3, which puts the players in charge of the Valkyrie Unit.

The members of the Valkyrie Unit have exceptional talent, and it is up to the player to harness the skills and abilities of Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya Zaychik to combat threats and save the world before it is overrun by Honkai.

Addictive gameplay

Those who love dynamic combat and the option to navigate around the battlefield will be happy to learn that the game employs an action-filled gameplay style. Characters can be positioned with the help of a virtual joystick and attack enemies with several attacks, use special moves or fire ultimate attacks to down stronger enemies.

While at first the player will be limited to a single character, others will be unlocked. Each comes with skills and traits that make them better in certain situations, and a little planning will take you a long way.

Upgrade and destroy

Characters can be powered-up in several ways. One can complete missions and defeat enemies to acquire the experience required for level up or use EXP chips that offer a large amount of experience on the spot. A vast array of weapons can be unlocked and used to give the Valkyrie Units an edge in battle.

Stigmas are another layer of customization as they can be added to each character and provide passive statistics bonuses. High-level stigma can also confer extra bonuses in the form of Prefixes. It may seem daunting at first, but the mastery of the Stigma system will enhance characters with many benefits.

Update 4.0.0 introduces a new SP Battlesuit, a new battlesuit event, a fresh story chapter, and a new Weapon and Stigma set.

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