Hola Free VPN Gains New Performance Improvements With The 1.170.68 Update

Internet security has become an important topic in recent years as many companies that have access to data collected from users have faced massive scandals after it was revealed that some of this data was sold to obtain financial gains.

Many users have started to care more about their online privacy, and have decided to take a few steps to ensure the confidentiality of their data. Hola Free VPN is a great VPN solution that can keep your data secure while also removing some restrictions.

Free and smart

Most VPN solutions rely on the use of private servers, which are spread across the world and require a significant amount of money to remain safe and functional. This is one of the reasons for which they ask a premium fee if you wish to use them, but in some cases, the prices can be quite high.

Hola VPN Free employs a smart solution in the form of a community-based Peer-to-Peer VPN network. Once the app is installed on our device and active, your traffic will be guided via one of the millions of nodes that are present across the world. This approach is combined with classic VPN architecture to boost overall security.

Safe and easy to use

Hola Free VPN will shield your traffic from curious third-party agents, including your ISP. Since the nods used by the system are shared by peers who are present in the desired location, it is also harder for websites and other platforms to realize that you are using a VPN service.

In exchange for the opportunity to use the service for free, the app will use an insignificant amount of data when you aren’t using your device. However, if you wish to use it as a regular VPN service without contributing to the peer network, there is the option to purchase a premium version.

New performance improvements are included in the 1.170.68 update.

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