HALF of Earth’s Land Can Be Protected against Climate Change

A recently published study has revealed that conservation is the key to preserving the ice-free land on Earth. The research was conducted by American scientists, who suggest that almost half of our planet’s ice-free land can remain untouched if we decide to swift to conservation measures. Throughout the research, it is presented the development between four new global maps in those regions that have been exploited by humankind.

Data is showing that up to 56% of the total land on Earth, which is not covered in ice, has not been influenced by the presence of humans. However, the rest of the world is represented by cities and communities with intensively developed areas. The good news is that the scientists have announced that there is still hope to conserve approximately half of the land and not exploit its natural resources.

The importance of these areas is crucial. Not only do they purify the atmosphere, water and provide nutrients, but also they improve the soil fertility, creating the perfect environment to develop the ecosystem. The leading author of this study has declared that there is one chance to manage this current situation, but only if actions are taken now and with one goal in mind: conserving Earth’s land.

Currently, 15% of the land, respectively, 10% of the water is under protection by the governments all around the world. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals state that by the end of 2030, 30% of the land and water all around the globe must be under protection, with this goal rising to 50% by the end of 2050.

The leas impacted areas are represented by tundra in Northern Asia and North America, as well as Africa’s Sahara Desert and the Australian outback. Even though most of the cities present a warmer climate caused by the carbon footprint, most of the existing areas remain untouched by humankind.

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