GTA V and Other Rockstar Titles Could Come to Smartphones

Take-Two, the parent company of several publishers and developers, including Rockstar Games, 2K, and Private Division, has held a conference call recently, revealing more details related to future games or projects.

One of the main highlights was an announcement that mentioned that 93 titles would be published in the next five years. Twenty-one of these titles will be mobile games, and a few of them will likely be based on popular IPs that are already well-known by the target audience.

A growing segment

Mobile gaming rose to prominence in recent years as affordable smartphones allow a large number of people to enjoy a high-quality experience on a mobile device. However, the mobile games market is plagued by a veritable flood of freemium and free-to-play titles, which seem great at first sight but will require real money if you wish to progress without countless hours of grinding.

Several high-profile games have been ported for mobile devices in the past and have received positive reviews from players and reviewers alike. Among them, we can count Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Planescape Torment, and other older titles.

GTA V on mobile devices?

Older Rockstar titles like GTA San Andreas and Bully, an easy process since they were far from being demanding, but this is not the case with modern titles.

It can be argued that a port might be possible by fine-tuning the graphics to facilitate a smooth run on mobile devices, with one obvious example being a lower field-of-view. This has been done in the case of popular titles that have been ported to the Nintendo Switch, which is a solid console but severely underpowered in comparison to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Another obstacle would be the impressive file size, as even if it were reduced by half it would still require 35GB of internal storage space.

Only time will show what will happen.

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