GTA 5 Cross-Platform Support: What We Know So Far

GTA 5 is the longest-running game of the franchise by a long shot.

Rockstar North kept a steady pace for the series since its release, but with next-gen systems right around the corner, we still don’t know anything about GTA 6.

It looks like GTA 5 is here to stary, with next-gen versions of the title on the way.

Cross-platform support was a problem for Rockstar, especially with GTA 5.

Current Status

At the moment, GTA 5 is not cross-platform.

Though Rockstar has released several versions of the game across various systems, you can’t play GTA 5 with other systems players.

Cross-Save And Cross-Progression

Cross-progression is where things get heated, at least in the case of GTA Online.

When the company made the jump to current-gen consoles in 2014, it supported limited cross-progression features.

Last-gen players could transfer their GTA Online character to current-gen, but it was a one-time transfer, though, and Rockstar ended transfer support in 2017.

Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any transfer program, but it will likely be the same as in 2014 – A one-time transfer of your character to next-gen.

There is a debate that full cross-save and crossplay might not be possible with some of the next-gen versions’ exclusive content, but Activision dealt with that issue with Call of Duty: Warzone.

Perhaps the game’s recent success and Apex Legends climbing up into the mainstream zone, we’ll see full cross-progression in GTA 5.

However, that is unlikely – The game still boasts record sales, though it was released seven years ago.

Rockstar made a masterpiece out of the game, but perhaps it is time for a new game!

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